About Vienna

© Aleksander Mijatovic | 123RF.com

Vienna ranks highest for quality of living for the 9th year in a row now. And that surely isn´t without cause. There are plenty of reasons to visit Vienna at least once in your life. Be it for vacation, business or to meet up with friends from all around the world in one of Europe’s most beautiful and central cities. Vienna is well known for its breathtakingly historical monuments, cultivated glamorous festivities and of course it´s delicious Austrian cuisine, but there is a lot more for one to discover.

Music is in the air! More famous composers have lived here than in any other city. Vienna clearly emphasizes it´s historical treasuries and traditions but it´s also quite moderate. In other words one will find a lot of cultural heritage right next to amazing street- and lifestyle festivals all around the city. The capital of Austria is breathtakingly imperial and refreshingly young.

Wherever you go, sustainability and environment-friendliness are from great importance. No other city in the whole of Europe can brag a higher ratio of green space to total area. Around 50% of the cities area is green space! Many people use their bikes to get around, therefore there are more than 1.200 km of cycle paths.

The Danube Island offers a lot of space (3.9 km2) for recreational activities. Cycling, skating, bathing, boating or beach volleyball for instance are some of the fun and action activities. However, a visit to the Danube Island also offers some time to relax for example by treating yourself to a picnic with some delicious Viennese Snacks.

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