Programme overview


Friday, June 28, 2019

As of 07.30             Registration and wake up coffee

08.30-08.40            Welcome

08.40-10.30            1st session: ACL repair and reconstruction

08.40-08.55            Keynote lecture:

Biomechanics of the ligament insufficient knee

10.30-11.00            Coffee break and exhibition

11.00-12.30            2nd session: Combined ligament injuries

12.30-13.30            Lunch and exhibition

13.30-14.45            3rd session: Complex ligament injuries

14.45-15.10            Coffee break and exhibition

15.10-16.45            4th session: Save the meniscus

15.10-15.25            Keynote lecture:

Meniscus-Biomechanics and impact on kinematics and stability

16.45-17.05            Coffee break and exhibition

17.05-18.40            5th session: Save the knee

17.05-17.20            Keynote lecture:

Decision making – HTO, DFO, double or Uni?

As of 19.45             “Meet the Experts” – Get-Together and Networking Dinner


Saturday, June 29, 2019

As of 07.30             Registration and wake up coffee

08.30-10.10            6th session: Perigenicular fractures – reconstruction and salvage

08.30-08.50            Keynote lecture:

Tibial head fractures: impact of classification on approach and management

10.10-10.40            Coffee break and exhibition

10.40-11.30            7th session: Patellofemoral instability

As of 11.30             Closing – farewell address


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